Michelle Thackwray from Dolphin Bay Says:

Willow is my 8 month old King parrot.  I picked him up about 7 weeks ago
and he has already learnt to say hello and  whistle a few simple tunes!

Pickle-me-dilly - Hon. Life Member - Moustache/Ringneck X
Gherkin - Hon. Life Member - Green Ringneck
Sunny Bayliss - Hon. Life Member - Sunday Conure Hen

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Joan Sycamore from Tauranga says:

" I bought my beautiful Cisco kid from Penelope  about 12 months ago. I have watched him grow into this beautiful bird with the prettiest of colourings and a bird with a lovely happy  gentle nature. Thank goodness I saw Penelope's advert for this adorable little bird."

Cisco Kid is a Pickle Baby, from Romy & Schneider

Cisco Kid.

Matt Kernot from Howick says:

Ermey our maroon bellied conure (seen in the photo having a good bath in his bowl) is now a much loved member of our family.

You would never believe how much personality and character such a small bird could possess. It's impossible to hate him even when hes been naughty, I'd swear he can pull off a better "I'm so cute" face than a puppy.There's never a dull moment in the house with him around. Thanks Barry and Penelope, I'm glad I passed your suitability test and was allowed to take this little rascal off your hands.

Ermey is a Maroon-Bellied Conure, from Bam-Bam & Yum-Yum
Wayne & Karina from Pukekohe say:

I had lost my two cockateil's earlier in the year and Penelope and Barry  had seen my lost advertisment and to my delight they answered it offering
me two cockateils for my loss. I decided to take just one lovely bird I named Junior, named after the one that got away. Junior has brought so much delight to us and plenty of laughs when he is clowning around. He has just
turned a year old and has himself a pretty girlfriend named Snowy. He wolf whisltes, loves attention. He used to live with a Red Rump so he would mimic him and now he mimics my rosella, you really do have to see it for yourself. He loves the camera and is no stranger to the two cats we have.

He is totally thriving and is loved to pieces as are all our other animals.

Junior is a Standard Grey Male Cockatiel our of Mr Sly and Sweetpea

I've tried to teach him to wolf whistle every time I walk into the room, except he's seems to have got it wrong and whistles every time I leave!).  Willow is now a true member of the family, he has placed himself at the top of the pecking order, he's even in charge of the cat! He is very cheeky, and because he is always out of his house he wanders around leaving a trace of mischief. Just yesterday my sister baked some cookies and she turned around for one second, and when she turned back naughty little Willow had thrown them all over the floor! He thought they were delicious!   I am very happy with Willow! Thanks to Barry and Penelope our home is always happy and cheerful with little Willow whistling away!

Willow is an Australian King Parrot, brother to Kingi on our Waiheke Page,  out of Derby & Madeira

Ermey -
"Clean Ermey"
Junior - "In Love"
Willow - At Home.
Renette Griffin from The Gardens, Manukau says:

From the moment I met Penelope and Barry, I knew that this couple had something special.  Their understanding, warmth, commitment and the love showered on their feathered family touched my heart and confirmed that any bird raised, or hand-reared, in such a wonderful environment would make a very special companion.
Bazzalon baby, ‘Hyella’ changed my life for the better.  Hyella is an adorable and affectionate little bird that has crept deep into my heart.  I can’t wait to get home from work at the end of the day. 
We have developed a strong bond and I thank him for adopting me!  He is precious and I remain totally devoted to him.  I can’t thank Penelope and Barry enough.  They are an amazing couple who play an extraordinary role in rearing and rehabilitating our feathered friends!

Hyella is a Lutino Indian Ringneck out of Hyella & Yellama
Tammy Allen from Morrinsville says:
Freckles joined us on the farm in the mighty Waikato 10 months ago. It didn’t take him long to become our answer phone, garbage disposal, guard dog, entertainer and best friend. He enjoys the early mornings on the farm and is talking before his curtains are pulled. In the evening he joins you for a shower then at the table for dinner! Before he goes to bed he never misses out on kissing you as much as he can and ordering you to give him a scratch. Freckles takes part in all holidays at the beach house in Pauanui. He makes the most of his break away from the farm showing off to the people walking by. Freckles fan club is rapidly growing and whenever we have a visitor he has another member join. Having Freckles in our lives makes us so happy and we thank Barry and Penelope for this wonderful gift.
Susan Baker from West Auckland says:

Barry and Penelope,
Thank you so much for letting us have Mika, he is an important
part of our family and dearly loved by us and all that meet him.
He is a cheeky, most loveable little guy.He spends his days playing, eating/showering and playing some more and then loves his cuddle times.
I am convinced it has all to do with his initial upbringing, and that is all down to you, as he came to us so self-assured, very calm and completely trusting of us and ready to start his new life with us.

Mika is a Moustache Parakeet out of Reno & Vegas