Take a few minutes to wander through Bazzalon Aviaries.  You will meet the residents of Bazzalon, and of course the cleaners/feeders/keepers - Barry & Penelope Gasson.
Bazzalon is situated in Beachlands, Pohutakawa Coast, New Zealand

Read the testimonies of families who have opened their hearts to Bazzalon Babies and have benefited from the experience.
Let Pickle introduce you to the Bazzalon Babies ready for new homes, and the orphans hoping for new families.  See the methods used to handrear the babies, producing top quality fids (feathered kids) that will enhance any family and provide years of joy, entertainment, affection and companionship.
Big... Bad... Gherkin
Let Big.. Bad.. Gherkin take you around the aviaries to meet the breeding parents- then share Gherkins Retreat while you contemplate the choice of your new family member.
Sunny Bayliss
Big.. Bad.. Gherkin
Have a cuddle with Sunny Bayliss - Bazzalons very own Heart Throb International MOVIE STAR !!.

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